“Jack’s teaching is engaging, exciting, and encourages taking risks to experience the joys of music making. Its unlike anything I’ve participated in before and I cannot speak highly enough of the experience or Jack as a teacher!” Sean R.

“Jack Barben is not only an overwhelmingly talented musician, he is also an intuitively gifted teacher.  He has the rare ability to know precisely what each of his student’s needs – drawing on their strengths and developing areas that need growth, all while tapping into the natural love for music that we all possess.  There is no better teacher than Jack for those who want to learn piano and nurture a lasting love of music.”   Jeannete P

“My son had the good fortune to take piano lessons from Jack Barben.  His enthusiasm and love of playing the piano resonated with all people that he taught. He customized on-line music lessons to his skill level while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. Jack encouraged my son to bring part of his own character into the music which allowed him not only learn but become passionate about what he played.  Jack is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to make confident self-motivated piano players out his students. I’d recommended Jack as a piano teacher and am envious of his future students who can experience his contagious passion and love of music first hand.” – Abigail L

“My kids, Charlie, age 8, and Catherine, age 6, took lessons from Jack. His lessons were super fun, and because Jack tailored the lessons to suit the dispositions of each child, they both looked forward to seeing him every week.  The at-home digital lessons were the best part for me, a parent with absolutely no musical skills!  I was able to learn at home with the kids… which made practicing more fun for all of us.  Charlie was so proud to be one of the better piano players in his school performance.  In such a short time, Jack taught him how to play a very beautiful piece!  I recommend Jack to anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano in a fun, new, enjoyable way. – Yasuko E

“Annika really loved her lessons with you. Thanks so much for all you taught her. She’s really showing a lot more confidence since working with you.” Annika K

“Tyler is really sad to see you go today. He has really enjoyed your instruction & coaching. He has learned so much from you in such a short amount of time. Thank you!” Gina H

“In my 30 years as a teacher, Jack is the most talented student brass player I have worked with and I have worked with a lot…In addition to this, he is a man of great character and integrity.” Mike D

“I have known Jack for two years and he is without a doubt one of the top two or three musicians that I have had over 21 years of teaching. His abilities show the highest level of musicianship.” Charles. P

“As a member of a choir Jack directed for three years, I offer personal testimony: He is an immensely talented musician and performer, and his gifts for teaching are unparalleled!   What sets Jack apart from others in his profession? He teaches his students how to give up judgment of themselves and others to utterly enjoy the creative gifts and talents we all offer. He encourages and inspires children and adults alike, to try new approaches, be willing to “step outside the box,” and discover how simple and exciting learning can be. Exclusively attributed to his teaching, I’ve since been able to speak in front of large groups, without notes or anxiety, and enjoy doing it!  I have also had the pleasure of hearing Jack play piano, organ, guitar, and sing in a variety of styles, and have yet to hear anyone so perform from the soul and with the depth of feeling he embraces. Any student of Jack’s will most definitely learn to make music and love doing so. My prediction is that they will come away having learned even more than music skills alone, skills that will benefit them for a lifetime!”